MLA Voting Now Open: No on Resolution 2017-1!

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Voting on MLA Resolutions: April 19-June 1.

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Excerpt from A Statement of Past Presidents of the MLA

As former presidents of the Association, we wish to comment on Resolution 2017-1. We think that it misrepresents the MLA’s mission, defining the Association’s role in an erroneous, narrow way that directly contradicts past and present practice. We also think that this resolution unduly restricts the membership’s ability to act in the future.

Past presidents of the MLA
Mary Ann Caws
Margaret Ferguson
Roland Greene
Marianne Hirsch
Linda Hutcheon
Sylvia Molloy
Catherine Porter
Mary Louise Pratt
Sidonie Smith
Domna Stanton

#Vote No on Resolution 2017-1/Protect Free Speech.