More on the New York Review of Books Exchange on Boycott of Israel

Note: This blog entry is a follow up on our earlier posting on this topic on October 23, 2016.

Source: UN Map of West Bank Access and Restrictions

The New York Review of Books is not known as a venue for the venting of debates on Israel-Palestine, but that is exactly what happened last October.  Two statements were issued that outline a dramatic liberal Zionist break with Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territories and the inability of these same liberal Zionists to address the actual roots of the occupation.

In the October 13, 2016 issue of NYRB, a group of prominent intellectuals including Todd Gitlin, Peter Beinart, Michael Walzer and others issued a statement entitled, “For an Economic Boycott and Political Nonrecognition of the Israeli Settlements in the Occupied TerritoriesContinue reading