MLA Members Meet Right to Education Campaign in Palestine

A group of MLA members recently visited the West Bank  to meet with professors and students at Palestinian universities and to discuss the conditions of teaching and studying under the Israeli occupation. During their tour, the MLA members documented the disruptive effects of the Israeli military presence, especially the constraints on freedom of movement into, out of, and within Palestine, which have made it extremely difficult for Palestinians to achieve their goals in higher education. Despite the occupation, Palestinian professors and students continue to pursue their educational goals, reaching out through various organizations to assert their basic rights. MLA Members for Justice in Palestine in will be publishing the near future accounts from the trip. 
Below is a report on a meeting of the MLA members with the Right to Education Campaign – Palestine.

“On 18th of June, six-members of the Modern Language Association (MLA) had arrived to Birzeit University. Where a near 3 hours discussion between the MLA members and the RighScreen Shot 2016-06-21 at 9.30.46 PMt to Education Campaign was held. The meeting with MLA members (who are also part of MLA for Justice in Palestine) was flourishing, as the R2E volunteers expressed how honorable and happy they were meeting supporters to the Palestinian cause.

During our meeting, the highlight of discussion was about the Israeli Occupation violations towards the Right to Education for Palestinians, including the restrictions of movement opposed by the Occupation(in the West Bank, Gaza strip, and Jerusalem), the arrest of students and academics, the lack of research and materials, the localization of knowledge and the illegal settlements expansion.

The discussion continued to reach the invisible violation that prevent Palestinians to learn or write their own narrative and history. All of that led to what may be possible future option that can be taken to protect the Palestinians basic human rights including the Right to Education, and the perseverance of the Palestinian culture and narrative.

The MLA is a very huge and diverse group, containing over twenty-six thousand members from over one-hundred countries around the world. The members are primarily academic scholars, professors, and graduate students who study or teach language and literature. The Association’s goal is to strengthen the study and teaching of language and literature. The six-members visit to Palestine came alongside their attempt to pass the of Academic boycott resolution in their association that will be proposed during next winter.”