Walter Benjamin in Palestine

This past December, a con-Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 6.13.01 PMference was held in Ramallah, entitled: “Walter Benjamin in Palestine: On the Place and Non-Place of Radical Thought”. David Lloyd reports here on that conference, which was organized to honor the Palestinian call to boycott Israeli academic institutions and as an alternative to a Benjamin conference being held in the same month, in flagrant violation of that call, at Tel Aviv University and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. But the conference far exceeded that initial rationale: “As the BDS movement continues to advance, perhaps workshops like these, which step beyond mere ‘severance of relations’ (as Benjamin described the act of striking) to shape conditions for new modes of relation, may offer a way to think the future of our resistance to Israeli apartheid. Perhaps too it offers a model also for an alternative to the insidious corporatization of our intellectual and creative lives under the neoliberal dispensation we all confront, wherever we reside, and not only in occupied Palestine.”

Click here to read LLoyd’s article. The Benjamin in Palestine Conference program is available at this link:

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